Hi!, I’m Irete Hamdani,

an impact-driven fractional CTO.

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I have over two decades of experience in designing and building technological solutions that drive tangible business value. I have experience working in both large corporate environments and small startup ventures, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of diverse scopes. I hold an MSc in Computer Science with honors from Tel Aviv University and am certified as an AWS Developer and AWS Solution Architect. My expertise includes designing and building complex architectures with scalability, performance and cost in mind, programming design patterns, UI/UX development, cloud technologies, green software, application servers, databases, and proficiency in programming languages like Java, Vue.js, React, React Native, and Python. I’m passionate about using technology for positive environmental and social impact.

What I Bring to the Table

Technology Strategy and Architecture

I’ll work with you to put together a practical and actionable tech strategy that will drive your business objectives and provide the architectural blueprint for the short and longer term with scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Technology Leadership and Mentorship

I'll mentor your teams, provide them with guidance and direction, and help them develop their technical skills and knowledge.

Who Benefits from My Services

Early-stage startups

looking to lay a strong technological foundation and align technology initiatives with business goals.

Non-technical founders

seeking experienced technology guidance to navigate complex technical decisions and ensure alignment with business objectives.


undergoing digital transformation initiatives and requiring strategic technology leadership to adopt new technologies and enhance digital capabilities.

How We Can Work Together


Fractional CTO

(Ongoing Engagement)

This option provides dedicated technology leadership and support for a specified number of hours per week. It focuses on strategic planning, technical oversight, and can involve hands-on development. The engagement is ongoing, ensuring continuity.


Technical Advisory

(On-Demand Consultations)

This option provides hourly consultancy for short-term or ad-hoc needs. It includes guidance and support on technology-related matters. Clients can access this service on an as-needed basis.


Project-Based Consultancy

(Per Project)

This option offers on-demand access to CTO-level expertise for specific projects. It includes technology consultations, architecture reviews, sustainable practices, and guidance on emerging technologies. Each project is scoped individually and billed accordingly.

Professional Career

March 2024 -

Taste Don’t Waste

London, UK

Fractional CTO

Taste Don’t Waste is the first fully automated, holistic kitchen management application in Europe.

As an external consultant, I’m leading the technical team in developing the Taste Don't Waste mobile and web applications.

September 2023 - April 2024


Geneva, Switzerland


MADEINPEACE is the world’s first all-in-one ethical platform, built for the people, out of the capital of peace, Geneva.

As a founding member, I headed all the tech including building out the platform and apps from day one.

Jan 2022- August 2023


Denver, CO, USA

Founder, CEO

askBelynda helps conscious consumers easily find and confidently buy sustainable and ethical products while shopping online.

From inception to execution, I had the unique opportunity to bootstrap my own startup, acquiring invaluable experience spanning Business, Development, Product, and Marketing.

1997 - 2022


Israel / USA

Pre-Sales Solution Architect

My journey at Amdocs, a leading telecommunications software company, began as a Software Developer. After a few years, I evolved into the role of a Software Architect, deepening my technical expertise along the way.

After a decade in R&D, I made a transition to more customer-facing positions where I excelled as a Pre-Sales Solution Architect. This role allowed me to cultivate relationships with C-level executives worldwide, lead pre-sale architecture for substantial multimillion-dollar deals, and gain a profound understanding of the business landscape within the telecommunications domain.

My most recent role at the company involved a major account in North America, where I represented the entire scope of the company's portfolio, spanning BSS/OSS, B2C, and B2B offerings.

Education, Certification, & Hobbies



Industrial Product Design

Holon Institute of Technology


M.Sc. Computer Sciences

Tel Aviv University


B.A. Computer Sciences

The Academic College of Tel-Aviv



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