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Irete’s vision is that every consumer chooses sustainable products over non-sustainable ones. Her passion that initially stemmed from making environment-friendly products easily accessible, now branches out into encouraging companies to be more environmentally aware and make the world a better place. She envisions fostering an eco-system that’s greener by leveraging the world of online shopping towards a future where consumerism is inclusive of sustainability. She believes in the impact of askBelynda and its power enhancing the overall well-being of the community we live in. askBelynda is her humble contribution towards reducing carbon footprint and other damaging effects on the environment by shifting consumer’s focus from non-sustainable products to sustainable ones. 

Other than her passion for a better environment, Irete loves to do Arduino-based projects as a hobby. She also channels her creative energies into photography, drawing, knitting or anything innovative that comes her way in her leisure time. Currently residing in Denver CO, she enjoys a fulfilling life along with her husband and 2 daughters.

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